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Пражская государственная опера

It is with great sadness that we announce that Mrs. Antonie Denygrová, a long-time soloist of the National Theatre Opera, passed away on 21 March 2019. She was permanently engaged by the National Theatre from 1973 to 1991.

During her rich career, she appeared on the stage of the leading Czech scene in many roles including e.g. Janáček’s Káťa Kabanová, Liza in the Queen of Spades, the Qeenin Novák’s Karlštejn or Sophie in Cikker’s The Game of Love and Death.

Prague spectators could enjoy her performances also in the roles the Foreign Princess in Rusalka, Senta in the Flying Dutchman or Vendulka, Krasava or Ludmila from operas by Smetana.

After the separation of Prague’s opera theatres, she remained a member of the State Opera in Prague, where she sung Ghita in Der Zwerg, Janáček’s Kostelnička, Marja in Krása’s Verlobung im Traum, Herodias in Salome by Strauss and a number of other parts.

Our most sincere sympathy to the bereaved.

18. 3. 2019

The National Theatre receives the Czech Theatre Critics’ Prize

On 17 March, the Divadlo pod Palmoou theatre in Prague hosted the ceremony of announcement of the Theatre Critics’ Prizes for 2018. The National Theatre Opera won the Music of the Year category for its production of Ivan Acher’s Sternenhoch. Ivan Acher also received the highest number of nominations.

The opera blockbuster Sternenhoch, to Ivan Acher’s music and libretto, conducted by Petr Kofroň and directed by Michal Dočekal, was also shortlisted in the Best Production and the Best New Czech Play categories.

The Talent of 2018 prize went to Tereza Marečková for her performance of a part in Sternenhoch.

In the current season, the audience can see the prizewinning production at the New Stage on 21 March and 2 April, with both performances starting at 8 pm.  

The composer and librettist Ivan Acher said:

“One of the audience’s praises makes me particularly happy: ‘I have never seen an opera performance attended by tattooed youngsters and decrepit subscribers a. Not only did they get together in one place at the same time, all of them left the theatre equally overwhelmed by the show.

’ Sternenhoch simply delights us. Our team of kindred souls from all the corners of our country have put forth so much energy that we would feel hurt if we had failed to pass on the vigour from the rehearsals to the audience, as well as lay professionals and professional laymen.

We are a happy gang indeed.”


The stage director Michal Dočekal pointed out:

„Ivan Acher is a black mountain lion disguised as a koala.

A top-notch tap dancer, a creator of large-format tapestries featuring floral and necromantic motifs, a leading theoretician of batik printing, a keen collector of Slovakisms – by and large, a person you want to have on your side and for whom you would do anything.

And when you do it, it brings an advantage to you, it pays off.

I have collaborated with Acher for entirely selfish reasons, and my self-interest has turned into such an infatuation that I have become a keen amateur in batik printing.

I simply relish every second with him!”

The conductor Petr Kofroň, the Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and State Opera, said:

“I extend my thanks to the National Theatre for having afforded me the opportunity to pursue absolutely free creation, from the very first ideas, through the staging team, to all the performers who really wanted to make it happen.”

The National Theatre Opera was also nominated in the Best Male Performance category, for Štefan Margita’s portrayal of Captain Vere in Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd. During the current season, Margita is scheduled to appear in his flagship role of Loge in May in two exclusive concert performances of Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold at the Forum Karlín hall.  

The National Theatre Opera congratulates all the prize-winners and nominated artists!

The Theatre Critics’ Prizes have been awarded on the basis of the results of the poll annually announced by the Svět a divadlo magazine. Eighty critics voted in the 2018 poll.

13. 3. 2019

After Berlin or Modena, Martin Muehle is performing Andrea Chénier for the first time in Prague

You have already sung in the National Theatre as Don José in Carmen – this was your first encounter with Prague´s audience and colleagues – how did you enjoy it, how did you the production? Are you looking forward to be back again? The Carmen in Prague was a great first encounter for me.

The production was beautiful and modern at the same time (which was a positive surprise for me!). I was also very pleased to have excellent singers and musicians around me. The maestro and orchestra were great! The audience was warm-hearted and generous as well, making the evening a stunning event.

So yes, since then I have been wanting to go back to Prague and now I have the opportunity to do so!

You studied the role of Andrea Chénier for Berlin – how did it go, how was the production, the audience?

I sang Chénier for the very first time in Brazil in 2010 actually. Then again in Berlin in 2017. It is one of the most difficult and demanding roles of the romantic repertoire for a tenor.

It went very well in Berlin. I was lucky to also have great colleagues and a conductor there, who knew the music inside and out.

The audience rewarded us with big, warm applause and I also received some good reviews.

Why should the spectators come to see Andrea Chénier? 

Andrea Chénier is a concentrated piece of music and drama. In 2,5 hours of music my character sings 4 arias and 2 duets of some of the greatest dramatic and romantic music of the 20th century! Actually the action happens around him. He is as dreamer, a poet and a patriot.

Andrea Chénier is a romantic opera – do you think that romance is dead? 

Romance has just started!

Don´t you think the spectators might be afraid of the titles they do not know really well (on the contrary to Carmen, La traviata, Don Giovanni etc.) because they do not know what to expect?

They will be confronted with such a wave of melody and drama that they don’t need to be afraid, but rather curious and hungry. Chénier is a portrait of the late romantic period… an idealist who dies for his convictions. I am sure the Prague audience will be delighted and mesmerised by this music!

Could you compare this to the situation in other countries? 

La Traviata, Carmen, La Bohème, Die Zauberflöte, are masterpieces of music and drama. They make up what we call “standard repertoire” everywhere in the world. Voices were trained to sing this repertoire for decades, centuries.

Andrea Chénier brings a new challenge: singers must be capable of enduring the tessitura and the technical aspects of the score.

It is a romantic opera for a modern type of singing, written for spinto and dramatic voices, but anchored in a very bel canto tradition of singing. It isn't done often because the voices capable of singing it are getting rarer.

I consider myself lucky to have reached the vocal and technical level of being able to portray Chénier and to have the opportunity to sing it in such a great theatre and a city with a strong opera tradition Prague has.

5. 3. 2019

Sternenhoch receives three nominations for the Theatre Critics’ Prize 2018!

The National Theatre Opera production Sternenhoch, to Ivan Acher’s libretto and music, conducted by Petr Kofroň and directed by Michal Dočekal, has been nominated for the Czech Theatre Critics’ Prize 2018 in three categories:

– Best Production of 2018

– Best New Czech Play of 2018

– Best Music of 2018

Next performances: 21 March and 2 April at the New Stage. More about the production HERE.

15. 2. 2019

Audition for the National Theatre Chorus

We would to inform you that auditions for the tenor voice group of the National Theater Chorus will be held on Wednesday, 10 April 2019 at 14:00 in the historical building of the Prague National Theater. More information on www.opernisbornd.cz All prospective singers are welcome!

NÁRODNÍ DIVADLOAleš Mihálik, tajemník sboru NDOstrovní 1112 30 Praha 1


6. 2. 2019

Karl-Heinz Steffens appoints the new Music Director of the State Opera

In August 2019, the post of the Music Director of the State Opera in Prague will be assumed by Karl-Heinz Steffens, the former Music Director of the Norwegian National Opera.

At a press conference, Per Boye Hansen (left), who has been appointed to the post of Artistic Director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera, introduced his closest associates and presented the plans for his tenure.

Per Boye Hansen intends to collaborate with numerous internationally renowned artists,” Prof. Jan Burian, the General Director of the National Theatre, said at the beginning of the meeting with journalists. 

“Precious few theatres in Europe reflect in such a diverse manner the operatic and cultural history of Prague and the whole of Europe.

I deem the task to imbue the State Opera following its reopening with a new musical vigour to be a great challenge and heartfelt matter.

I really look forward to working with the orchestra, chorus, ensemble and soloists in Prague, a true city of music. A city whose musical charm has no one ever broken since the time of Mozart,”Karl-Heinz Steffens pointed out.

“Karl-Heinz Steffens combines a superb and highly exceptional musicality with a profound understanding and knowledge of the complexity of opera as an art form. He is an ideal partner for any stage director, he is loved and respected by noted singers, as well as being a great supporter of young talent,”is howPer Boye Hansen characterised his associate.

“I congratulate the National Theatre in Prague on having appointed Karl-Heinz Steffens Music Director of the State Opera,” Daniel Barenboim, the principal conductor of the Staatsoper unter den Linden, said in Berlin.


Karl-Heinz Steffens will prepare and conduct the gala concert that will mark the reopening of the State Opera in January 2020, as well as a production of Karol Szymanowski’s opera King Roger, and he will also conduct revivals of Fidelio and Tosca.

Steffens’s predecessor, Andreas Sebastian Weiser, has remained a conductor of the National Theatre.

Silvia Hroncová continues to be the Director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera and Jaroslav Kyzlink continues to hold the post of the Music Director of the National Theatre Opera.

The former Artistic Director, Petr Kofroň, will still be in charge of contemporary and experimental opera and the Opera Nova festival.

“Owing to Petr Kofroň, the National Theatre has succeeded in raising the audience’s interest in contemporary music. Extremely popular has been the production of Ivan Acher’s Sternenhoch, directed by Michal Dočekal, which has been performed at the New Stage and has come top of the Divadelní noviny poll,”Jan Burian added.

Per Boye Hansen’s team will pay great attention to the reopening of the State Opera in the wake of the venue’s reconstruction.

“In the autumn of 2019, we will start transferring all the repertoire opera productions to the building, which has been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

The very first performance to take place at the refurbished State Opera will be the gala evening scheduled for 5 January 2020, the day marking the 132nd anniversary of its first inauguration,”Jan Burian said, adding: “After years of working in provisional arrangements, the State Opera company will thus be able to breath freely in new, far better conditions.”

 “Yet before moving to its reconstructed residence, the company will present at the New Stage the Czech premiere of Shchedrin’s Lolita, Nabokov’s world-famous novel,” Per Boye Hansen pointed out.

To mark the reopening of the State Opera, the National Theatre is planning to host a special gala evening, which will feature an overview of the most glorious chapters of its remarkable history.

Another of the apices of the State Opera’s forthcoming season will be an adaptation of Szymanowski’s King Roger, to be co-produced with the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw, the Royal Opera in Stockholm and other partners, and staged by the feted Polish opera and film director Mariusz Treliński.

8. 1. 2019

Sternenhoch wins the Best Production of 2018 poll

The production of Ivan Acher’s opera Sternenhoch has won the Divadelní noviny poll.

More about the production 

19. 11. 2018

The National Theatre Prize goes to Daria Rositskaya

This year too the National Theatre Opera awarded its traditional prize to a young talented singer, who has been invited to appear in one of its new productions in the next season.

At the Antonín Dvořák International Vocal Competition in Karlovy Vary, the accolade was bestowed to the superb Russian mezzo-soprano Daria Rositskaya, this year’s winner of the Song category and holder of second prize in the Opera category. At the final concert, she have a dazzling account of Sesto’s aria “Parto, parto…

”, for which she also received the Prize for the Best Performance of a Mozart aria. Daria Rositskaya studied at the Academy of Young Opera Singers within the Mariinsky Theatre and the State Academy of Performing Arts in St. Petersburg. At the present time, she is a soloist of the renowned Beyond the Mirror theatre in St.

 Petersburg, where she has performed as Angelina in Rossini’s La Cenerentola, Dorabella in Mozart’s Così fan tutte, Nicklausse in Offenbach’s Les contes d’Hoffmann, Dido in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, and other parts.

She appeared in the title role in Bizet’s Carmen at the International Festival of Young Opera Singers in Rheinsberg, Germany. Rositskaya also sang in concert performances of operas, including at the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre and the Helikon Opera Theatre in Moscow.

Источник: https://www.narodni-divadlo.cz/en/opera

Театры Праги

Пражская государственная опера

Прага славится своими большими и малыми театрами. В этой статье я расскажу про самые крупные и популярные театры Праги. Ниже вы найдете адреса, интернет сайты, время работы и краткое описание театров.

Многие туристы во время путешествий хотят насладиться не только прогулками по городу, но и сходить на концерт. Театралы, любители балета и ценители современного искусства без проблем найдут подходящее выступление в репертуарах пражских театров. Если вы не знаете чешский язык, то стоит посетить Театр теней (Черный театр Праги), традиционный Театр марионеток и Театр пантомимы.

Что касается билетов, то почти на все представления билеты можно купить заранее и по интернету, главное вооружиться кредитной картой и терпением.

Национальный театр (Národní divadlo)

О театре Главный театр Чехии и одна из красивейших достопримечательностей Праги, расположенный на Влтаве. В Народном театре играют лучшие чешские актеры, а спектакли посещают знаменитости.

Здание театра Здание Национального театра было построено в 1881 году по проекту архитектора Йозефа Зитека в стиле неоренессанса, но вскоре было уничтожено пожаром. После пожара театр был реконструирован Йозефом Шульцем. На северном фасаде установлены статуи А.

Вагнера «Забоя» и «Лумира», на аттике — «Аполлон и девять муз» и «Богиня победы» Б. Шнирха. Над боковым входом установлены аллегории Оперы и Драмы. Потолок зрительного зала украшен восемью «Аллегориями искусства» (Ф. Женишек) и 5 метровой люстрой с 260 лампами.

В главном фойе установлен живописный триптих «Золотой век, упадок и воскресение искусства», а также бюсты и картины знаменитостей.

Адрес театра Národní 2, Praha 1
Как добраться до театра Трамвай № 6, 9, 18, 22 необходимо ехать до остановки Národní divadlo.

Интернет сайт театра http://www.narodni-divadlo.


Жанры Драма, Балет, Опера
Репертуар «Борис Годунов», опера Кармен, опера Дворжака «Чёрт и Кача», Опера Сметаны «Две вдовы», Опера Антонина Дворжака «Якобинец», Опера Верди «Травиата», Опера Сметаны «Либуше», опера Дворжака «Русалка», Опера Верди «Симон Бокканегра», балет «Золушка», «Лебединое озеро»,
Стоимость билетов 50-1100 Крон

Пражская государственная опера (Státní opera)

О театре Оперный театр в Праге — один из самых известных театров в Праге, в репертуаре которого, кроме оперных произведений, присутствует балет. В репертуаре театра в основном иностранные произведения
Здание театра Театр был основан как Новый немецкий театр (Neues deutsches Theater).

Проект здания был выполнен известной венской архитектурной фирмой «Фельнер и Гельмер» и 5 января 1888 года театр открылся постановкой оперы Вагнера «Нюрнбергские мейстерзингеры». Здание оперы построено в Архитектурном стиле неорокко и является одним из красивейших строений в Европе.

Адрес театра Wilsonova 4, Praha 1
Как добраться до театра До театра можно доехать на трамвае № 11, остановка Muzeum или на трамвая № 3, 9, 14 и 24 до остановки Václavské náměstí. Также можно доехать на метро до станции Muzeum (Красная и зеленая ветки метро).

Интернет сайт театра http://www.narodni-divadlo.


Жанры Опера, балет, в основном иностранные
Репертуар «Саломея», Опера Бойто «Мефистофель», Опера Верди «Макбет», «Аида», «Кармен», «Травиата» Опера Россини «Севильский цирюльник», Опера Верди «Трубадур», Опера Пуччини «Богема», «Мадам Баттерфляй», балет «Баядерка», «Американа», «Ромео и Джульетта»
Стоимость билетов 50-1100 Крон

Черный театр света и теней Image

О театре Если вы хотите увидеть необычное театральное представление, основанное на игре света и теней, с яркими цветовыми эффектами и пластичной игрой актеров, то обязательно посетите театр теней. Действие спектаклей разворачивается под музыку, а язык тела поймет каждый, знание чешского языка не потребуется.

Черному театру в Праге уже 24 года, и за это время его создатели Александр Чигарж и Ева Астерова заслужили любовь не только в Чехии, но и в Германии, Греции, Бельгии и других странах.

Адрес театра Pařížská 935/4, Praha
Как добраться до театра На метро до станции Staroměstská (зеленая ветка), на трамвае №17 до остановки Právnická fakulta, на трамвае №18 до остановки Staroměstská.
Интернет сайт театра http://www.imagetheatre.


Жанры Театр пластики и света
Репертуар Спектакли: Галактика, Африкана, Studio Clip, Кабинет и другие
Стоимость билетов 480 Крон

Рудольфинум (Rudolfinum)

О театре Рудольфинум — концертный и выставочный зал, открытый 7 февраля 1885 года. Театр получил свое название в честь наследного принца Австро-Венгерской империи Рудольфа, участвовавшего в торжественной церемонии открытия. Здание было возведено в качестве дара Сберегательного банка Чехии городу Прага и чешскому народу. Архитекторы — Йозеф Зитек и Йозеф Шульц. Здание Рудольфинума построено в стиле неоренессанса и украшено статуями великих композиторов. В 1990 году здание подверглось реконструкции и ему было возвращено исходное состояние, внутри теперь располагается галереи и концертные залы. В Рудольфинуме несколько залов, самый большой зал Дворжака вмещает 1023 места, акустика в этом зале считается лучшей в стране. Рудольфинум – главная концертная площадка Чешской филармонии, а ее залы являются центром проведения знаменитого фестиваля «Пражская весна».
Адрес театра Alšovo nábřeží 12, Praha
Как добраться до театра Станция метро Staroměstská (зеленая ветка), трамвайная остановка Staroměstská, трамвай № 17, 18, 24
Интернет сайт театра http://www.ceskafilharmonie.cz/
Жанры Чешская филармония, Симфонические концерты, Камерные концерты
Репертуар Концерты классической музыки, фестиваль музыки Пражская весна, концерты для детей
Стоимость билетов Цены на концерты сильно различается, средняя цена за билет 300-1400 Крон

Источник: https://inostranno.ru/2014/05/prague-theatres/

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